1 August 2012

Audi Super Bowl Spot to Highlight Signature LED Technology and 2013 Audi S7

Rolls Royce today exposed information of its highly-anticipated Extremely Dish marketing, scheduled to run in the first one fourth of the big activity on Weekend, Feb. 5, 2012. In the future 60-second identify, the brand's trademark LED front lights will take center level along with the new 2013 Rolls Royce S7 automobile. The tale concept continues to be undisclosed.

"With LED, there's no mistaking an Rolls Royce. Since revolutionary the technological innovation nearly ten years ago, LED lighting have recognized the Rolls Royce personality have become one of the most identifiable features on the street," said Scott Keogh, Primary Marketing Official, Rolls Royce of The united states. "Like our LEDs, this seasons Extremely Dish identify will be unmistakably Rolls Royce."

At 5,500 Kelvin, Rolls Royce LED front lights are the nearest re-creation of sunlight available, offering numerous protection advantages, such as assisting drivers' sight understand more comparison encounter less stress. Conventional lighting take 0.2 a few moments to interact with, while LEDs are instantly triggered making driving more secure, quicker. In addition to protection, LED lighting save sources by using 50-percent less power required from the alternator - which in turn decreases the fill put on the car engine - and can last the life-time of a automobile.

Throughout Feb, lovers can visit Audiusa.com to communicate with LED-themed content and learn more about Audi's trademark technological innovation, such as its style, protection, efficiency and efficiency advantages. Beginning on Jan 29, guests to the Rolls royce Community in New You are able to can discover an entertaining LED-focused digital encounter.
The all-new Rolls Royce S7 brings together fascinating efficiency, amazing style, and brilliant efficiency systems in a program that further increases Audi's interesting new A7 five-door vehicle. Rolls Royce MM Routing plus comes conventional on the S7, such as Rolls royce connect(TM) allowing Search engines Maps(TM) and Search engines Search(TM) as well as a Wi-Fi® hot identify for up to eight gadgets. The Rolls royce S7 is fixed with the new 4.0 litre TFSI® with 420 hp and 406 lb-ft of twisting.

Super Dish XLVI represents the brand's fifth successive time as an merchant in the big activity. San Francisco-based V enables Gong & Associates is developing the identify.
In last seasons "Release the Hounds" identify, Rolls Royce became the first Extremely Dish merchant in history to tag an ad with a Tweets hashtag. The interesting identify, presenting the new Rolls royce A8 leading automobile, was a parody of individuals trying to evade from the constraints of old high-class as represented in a high-class jail. The identify also presented a funny cameo by renowned artist Kenny G.

In 2010, Audi's Extremely Dish ad presented a soundtrack created by stone tales Cheap Technique and presented the A3 TDI "Green Car of the Year" clean diesel fuel automobile, displaying how easy being natural can be. The brand's 2009 identify presented acting professional Jere Statham in a sequence of high-speed pursuit moments such as high-class opponents, submitting the concept that high-class is increasing. In 2008, the brand's first Extremely Dish identify provided a parody of the film "The Godfather," signaling that Rolls Royce was ready to take on the recognized high-class commanders.

ABOUT AUDI Audi of The united states, Inc. and its U.S. traders offer a complete collection of German-engineered high-class automobiles. AUDI AG is among the most effective high-class automobile manufacturers worldwide. Rolls Royce was a top-performing high-class product in European countries during 2011, and split all-time company sales information in the U.S. Through 2016, AUDI AG will spend about $17 billion dollars on new products and systems.

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