15 March 2011

2010 Rolls Royce Phantom

MSRP Range:  $380,000 - $450,000  

The Phantom by Rolls Royce is the vehicle maker's flagship, as it has been for a number of years. The Phantom has different configurations and sweet characteristics too. The Phantom is exceptional for all consumers because it offers so much in the way of amenities.

26 February 2011

2010 Porsche Boxster

 MSRP: $47,600 - $58,000
The two seat, open-air Porsche Boxster, in summary, is elemental. The Boxster is a coveted Porsche, just as the famed Spyder 550 made famous by none other than James Dean, the Boxster sports a body that is aggressive and low slung. It has a mid-mounted, optimized, V-6 engine; it grips the road at every turn, and it has amazing responsiveness.

2010 Porsche Cayman

MSRP from $51,400

Some consumers love the open aired ride of a sports car with a drop top. Yet, when it is a chopped top the car is definitely compromised. A chopped top car doesn't have a rigid body or a ridge mount suspension. That's why consumers like the Porsche Cayman coupe; it offers a solid body.The Cayman has a mid mount engine.

2010 Nissan Rogue

Price Range: $20,340 - $23,130
MPG Range: 21 - 27 mpg
Bodystyles: SUV
Nissan made the Rogue with the C platform found in the Japanese Dualis, the Qashqai, and the Sentra. The Rogue is a compact crossover engineered to compete with the Honda V and the Toyota RAV4.

21 February 2011

2010 Nissan Xterra

Used TMV from $18,759
Introduced in the year 2000 after debuting in 1999 in the Detroit auto show is the Xterra. The Xterra was an immediate success and appeals to young, busy consumers. The Xterra fuses exceptional on/off road handling, great performance, and aggressive style. It was named the SUV of the Year by Motor Trend in 2000.The newest Xterra is now in its third generation and it's a fantastic combo.

2010 Mitsubishi Galant

MSRP: $21,599 - $23,999
Invoice: $20,687 - $22,986
MPG: 21 City / 30 Hwy
At one time synonymous with exceptional design, the Mitsubishi Galant was known to have aggressive dynamics, advanced technologies, and a superior style. In the early 80s, the Galant had the VR4 turbocharged engine and an all-wheel-drive configuration.

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander

PRICE AS TESTED: $29,990 (base price: $29,990)
When comparing the Mitsubishi Outlander to the Honda CR-V or the Toyota RAV4, the Outlander has sold fewer units. Yet, drivers of the Outlander appreciate the spunk that the Outlander offers via its fuel-efficient, four-cylinder V-6 engine.

2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Used TMV from $18,091 
The Mitsubishi Eclipse has always been revered as a handsome two door with style and speed. This vehicle has had very little changes. The Eclipse still looks athletic, and that's what consumers have come to expect with a coupe hosting large rear rings and 18-inch wheels. Nevertheless, the car lags in terms of speed. The GT version sports a 3.7-Liter V-6, 265 hp engine that gives the driver a nice ride.

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

$24,990 starting MSRP
$23,557 starting Invoice
The Mitsubishi Outlander is the sibling vehicle to the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport; the latter vehicle has a 105.1-inch wheelbase and its body length is 169.1-inches. Thus, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is 15-inches shorter than the Outlander.

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander

MSRP: $20,840 - $29,250 
When comparing the Mitsubishi Outlander to the Honda CR-V or the Toyota RAV4, the Outlander has sold fewer units. Yet, drivers of the Outlander appreciate the spunk that the Outlander offers via its fuel-efficient, four-cylinder V-6 engine. The Outlander is offered with front or all-wheel-drive configurations as a five or seven seater.The Outlander is offered with a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. The latter feature makes the Outlander distinct from its competitors.

2010 MINI Cooper

Used TMV from $17,009 
The Mini Cooper was refreshed in 2001 by BMW and since that time, it has been a successful seller. The Mini Cooper is a well appointed sub compact. Its success has led to the 2007 second generation. In 2010, the vehicle is offered as a coupe or convertible, and a Clubman version with three doors.All Mini Coopers are offered in three trims The John Cooper Works (JCW), the S, and the standard.

2010 Mercury Milan

MSRP from $21,860 
The Mercury Milan is similar to the Fusion by Ford. The Milan got a redesign in 2010. The Ford Fusion was awarded the Car of the Year Award by Motor Trend too, and since these vehicles are practically identical, except for cosmetic differences, the Milan has the same spectacular attributes as the Fusion does. The Mercury Milan has superior road dynamics, a fantastic interior, and a good powertrain too.The Fusion has an exterior that is more aggressive than the Milan

2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

MSRP: $29,525 - $29,525
Invoice: $27,808 - $27,808
MPG: 16 City / 24 Hwy
The Crown Victoria has been a fleet only option for some time now, and that resulted in the Mercury Grand Marquis, with a body on frame design, becoming the sedan consumers appreciated when looking for a rear-drive vehicle. In 2010, the Grand Marquis enters its twilight, as does the Crown Victoria, the Town Car, and the thirty-year old Panther Platform.

2010 Mercury Mariner

MSRP from $23,560 
The Mercury Mariner is identical, at least mechanically, to the Escape. They are both compact SUVs entering the 2010 model year with minor changes only. The SUVs were redesigned in the year 2008. Later, in 2009, both got newer powertrains.The Mercury Mariner Hybrid is an exceptional vehicle; it has superb fuel efficiency as it delivers 30 miles per gallon on city streets and highways.

2010 Mercury Mountaineer

MSRP: $29,480 - $37,180
Invoice: $27,626 - $34,633
MPG: 14 City / 20 Hwy 
Mercury's only seven passenger offering is identified as the Mountainer. The Mountainer is an SUV with a body on frame construction and it shares many features found in the Ford Explorer.

2011 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

MSRP*: $102,600 to $198,750 
Invoice Price* :  $95,418 to $184,838  
The two-passenger SL-Class is held precious and is honored by Mercedes-Benz; the carmaker launched the vehicle in the 1950s for the purposes of racing. The SL translates as Sport Leicht or Sport Light, and it is a successful endurance race car. After many incarnations, the SL-Class is a vehicle that is an expression of status.

2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

MSRP: $50,240 - $51,740
Invoice: $46,537 - $48,118
MPG: 15 City / 19 Hwy
The refurbished and sportier has been treated to a completely new look, with a new grille, hood, front fenders, bumpers, air inlets, and all front lamp units, using the Mercedes-Benz three-bar-and-star sports car grille in lieu of the former and smaller two-star-and-bar grille.The hood is more steeply raked than the hood on the original.

2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

MSRP: $50,240 - $51,740
Invoice: $46,537 - $48,118
MPG: 15 City / 19 Hwy
The Mercedes R-Class may bewilder the consumer; the vehicle is identified as a crossover, yet it lacks a two-slider/two-door design. Instead, the R-Class has a four-door configuration.Mercedes R-Class has the same platform as the M and GL Class, yet it has a body/wheelbase that is longer.

2011 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

MSRP: $46,490 - $92,590
Invoice: NA
MPG: 16 City / 20 Hwy
The Mercedes-Benz M-Class entered its second generation in 2006; the SUV had a change of platform so that it has a unibody construction. Thus, the quality of the ride was improved. 

2011 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

  MSRP*:                 $105,750 to $124,450 
  Invoice Price*:       $98,348 to $115,739 
The 2011 Mercedes Benz G-Class, known as the European Geländewagen, is the carmaker's extreme off roading SUV. Rumor had it that once it was debuted the G-Class would soon be displaced. The vehicle has been on the market since the 1970s, and it has had a number of changes to its engines and transmissions over time.

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

MSRP: $33,990 - $39,990
Invoice: $31,611 - $37,191
MPG: 18 City / 26 Hwy 
The C-Class is Mercedes Benz's entry vehicle. The model got a refreshment in 2008, but the 2011 configurations only sport a few alterations. The C-Class has roots derived from the S-Class.

2010 Mazda Tribute

MSRP from $20,405
The 2010 Mazda Tribute maintains many of the niceties found in the 2009 model. Yet, the newer model has several additional and minor changes to the outmoded 2009 SUV; the latter of which proved to have an aging design. The Mazda Tribute has reconfigured Ford Escape design leading to its appeal. 

2010 Mazda 6 Grand Touring

MSRP: $26,085
The Mazda 6 is a fine car if you're looking for a mid-size family sedan. The V-6 is strong and smooth, the six-speed automatic selects gears smartly and without drama, and the ride is comfortable without being flaccid. Mazda also has the best-looking car in the segment with those dynamic, shapely fenders. Yet, when Mazda enlarged their American-market mid-sizer for the 2009 model year, they lost the biggest thing they had going for them: a car that supported their uniquely sporty image. Unlike the engaging Mazda 3, the 6 doesn't have that nimble, faster-than-it-actually-is feel.

2010 Mazda MAZDA6

MSRP: $19,610 - $28,975
Invoice: $18,138 - $26,757
MPG: 20 City / 29 Hwy
The was all-new for 2009, completely redesigned and re-engineered. Its launch was lost in the recession, but it carries into 2010 as one of the most appealing midsize sedans on the market. It looks great inside and out, offers a wide range of popular features, delivers commendable fuel economy, and is very well finished. Mainly, it delivers sparkling performance and is a terrific driving experience among midsize sedans. It's also attractively priced.The Mazda6 is roomy inside. It delivers plenty of room for four or five adults, along with a big trunk that holds as much as can be fitted under the cargo covers of some SUVs.

2010 Mazda Mazda6

MSRP: $19,610 - $28,975
Invoice: $18,138 - $26,757
MPG: 20 City / 29 Hwy
The midsized 2010 Mazda6 offers the vehicle buyer plenty for their money. The Mazda6's cabin is impeccable; it has superior handling, and it has loads of amenities to offer. The most recent model of the Mazda6 entered the 2009 market. The sedan sports superior on the road manners and exceptional handling too.Under the hood, the car has a 2.5-Liter, Four cylinder, 170 horsepower engine with 137 ft-lbs of torque.

2010 Mazda RX-8

MSRP from $26,645 
The Mazda RX-8 is the only car that exists with a rotary powered system today. The 2010 configuration sports a 1.3 Liter Renesis rotary engine churning out 230 horsepower. The vehicle has a six speed manual/auto tranny.The Mazda RX-8 is visually pleasing and it offers spectacular performance.

2010 Mazda Miata

 MSRP: $22,960 - $29,500 
Car buyers will definitely appreciate the Mazda MX-5 Miata; the vehicle proves popular due to its amazing style and agility. This vehicle is really a roadster underneath it all, and it's a fast, visually appealing convertible.The MX-5 Miata is easy to spot and it is one of the most appealing cars in the world. It has been on the market since 1990, and since that time, 850,000 units have been sold. Car buyers adore the MX-5 Miata's high performance, exceptional value, and practicality.

2010 Mazda Mazdaspeed3

MSRP: $23,340 - $23,340
Invoice: $21,851 - $21,851
MPG: 18 City / 25 Hwy 
If you want a awesome looking hatch, then the Mazdaspeed3 is ideal. The Mazdaspeed3 delivers a good price, superior style, and impeccable prowess. The Mazdaspeed3 has a 2.3 Liter turbocharged engine churning out 263 horsepower in the 2010 model. The engine is a carryover from earlier versions.

2010 Mazda Mazda5

MSRP: $18,510 - $23,240
Invoice: $17,344 - $21,755
MPG: 22 City / 28 Hwy
The Mazda5 minivan for 2010 is an attractive offering; it is an exceptional minivan. Although there are other vehicles with superior features and great looks, the Mazda5 is a standalone option. This vehicle's package is clean, it has impeccable features, and the sliding rear doors make for easy ingress and egress.

2010 Mazda Mazda3

Used TMV from $12,772 
The 2010 Mazda3 is an all new configuration; now the carmaker has added the MZR four cylinder engine so the vehicle is sporty and fast. The Mazda3 comes in a four door sedan or five door hatchback configuration. It is in its second generation competing in the compact vehicle segment. The front of the car has the emblematic smiling grille by Mazda too. The body has deep flanks, a flowing style, and it is appealing and handsome.

2010 Lotus Elise

MSRP: $47,250 - $54,990
Invoice: NA
MPG: 21 City / 27 Hwy
Following the end of the Lotus Esprit, the Elise 2004 positioned Lotus in the competitive US car market. The 2004 Elise is a spunky Roadster; it has a 149 inch length, a 68 inch width, a 44 inch height and it is an open topped vehicle. This car weighs roughly a ton and it can offer 189 or 200 horsepower, depending on the engine and tranny chosen.The Elise is a wonderful car for weekend drives; it's an ideal two seater for quick getaways.

2010 Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora for 2010 is a new vehicle offered by Lotus; it now joins the Elise Roadster as well as the Exige coupe in the carmaker's line. While the latter two vehicles are two passenger offerings, the Evora is a four-passenger car great for everyday use. The Evora has easy ingress and egress, unlike the Elise and the Exige. In addition, it is a quiet ride with lots of leg/headroom.

2010 Lotus Exige

MSRP: $65,690 - $65,690
Invoice: $59,121 - $59,121
MPG: 20 City / 26 Hwy
The Exige is a coupe; this vehicle is much like the Elise, a hard topped car by Lotus. The Lotus Exige is ideal for the Lotus fan seeking a vehicle with a fixed roof configuration. This car helped Lotus reestablish itself in the 2004 US car market. The Exige Coupe offered in 2006 had body measurements of 68 inches wide, 46 inches high, and 150 inches long. The car weight is 2100 pounds. 

2010 Lincoln MKX

Used TMV from $30,307 
Lincoln's MKX adds more competition to the crossover, luxury car segment. The Lincoln MKX has been designed based on the Edge. If the consumer doesn't want a Japanese or German car, the MKX is an nice alternative.The Lincoln MKX is a heavy car. Its cabin is well-executed, and feature loaded. Its great for running errands or for mild off-road excursions.

2010 Lincoln MKZ

PRICE AS TESTED: $38,755 (base price: $34,965) 
The 2010 Lincoln MKZ was formerly identified as the Zephyr. This is a staple Lincoln luxury car. The MKZ was engineered to compete with the 3 Series by BMW and the ES by Lexus and its reputation is already impeccable.The MKZ shares its platform with the Ford Fusion. The latter vehicle was identified as the 2010 Car of the Year by Motor Trend. This means the MKZ's roots are impressive too.

2010 Lincoln Navigator

MSRP from $54,950 
The Lincoln Navigator prompted the SUV craze; the SUV is now in the third generation. In 2007, the vehicle got a new design. At that time, an L model was introduced sporting a longer wheelbase. Since that time, the Navigator has seen several refreshments; this has resulted in the streamlining of the vehicles options.The Navigator has truck like capabilities and it is a truck-based offering. The Navigator can tow 9000 pounds. In order to remain competitive, the carmaker has ensured that the vehicle is spacious too; it is a seven seater offering that is capable of hauling lots of cargo.

2010 Lincoln MKT

Expected Pricing: $45,000-$50,000  
Entering the market in the year 2009 as the model for 2010 is the Lincoln MKT. The car entered the automotive market nearly a year before the launch of the Ford Flex. Both vehicles have similar features, but the chief difference between the MKT and the Flex is the exterior sheetmetal used in the design of the MKT.The Lincoln MKT is the largest car offered by the carmaker. The MKT is ideal for long distance jaunts and highway driving.

2010 Lincoln MKS

MSRP: $41,270 - $48,160
Invoice: $38,053 - $44,254
MPG: 17 City / 24 Hwy
The 2010 Lincoln MKS is a brand new Ford vehicle; it displaces the former Town Car flagship soon to be discontinued. The Lincoln MKS is a dependable, full sized, luxury sedan and it has many features that are found in the Taurus.The Lincoln MKS has a distinguishing style; the interior is elegant and the car has plenty of niceties making it rival some of the top of the line German cars.

2010 Lincoln Town Car

Used TMV from $32,779

The Lincoln Town Car has long been a choice of the livery/limo companies. Yet, it will no longer be offered. The Town Car is an aging, sedan; this full-sized offering slated for discontinuation in the year 2011. The vehicle is the only luxury, body-on-frame car remaining. The vehicle has features from earlier models that established its reputation like nice handling, a rear-drive configuration, and a V-8 motor.Presently, the V-8 engine is clearly underpowered. 

2010 Lexus SC 430

MSRP: $68,405 - $68,405
Invoice: $60,880 - $60,880
MPG: 16 City / 23 Hwy
The Lexus SC was the third model of the vehicle that was offered on the automotive market in the early 1990s. This vehicle has been sold with several engine options. The SC of yesteryear also hosted a hardtop that was retractible, and even with minimal pizzazz and styling, the vehicle was a top selling unit.

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

MSRP: $78,425 - $94,275
Invoice: $71,367 - $85,790
MPG: 12 City / 18 Hwy
While the full title of the Land Rover Range Rover sounds like a tongue twister, the vehicle's exceptional quality is evidenced by the many professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, and Wall Street big wigs demand the Range Rover. The vehicle has impressive style, sophistication, and superior on the road handling.

2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

MSRP: $59,645 - $73,345
Invoice: $54,277 - $66,744
MPG: 12 City / 17 Hwy
The busy and thriving SUV segment has entries from Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. The latter vehicles are very attractive, tall, heavy duty, powerful SUV offerings that offer more sport than they do utility. Then comes the entry of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, the best out of all the SUVs in the entire class.

2010 Land Rover LR4

MSRP: $47,650 - $47,650
Invoice: $43,362 - $43,362
MPG: 12 City / 17 Hwy
If you want a very powerful SUV, only then is it wise for you to give the L-4 Land Rover a moment of consideration. This SUV is not your everyday type of SUV; it is pricey and if you are only using it for basic travel you will get a lot of features you just don't require. The Land Rover L-4 is all about luxury, it has plenty of space, it can deal with rough terrain, and you will be impressed by its array of capabilities.The L-4 Land Rover for 2010, as a traditional upright configuration, is a redesigned LR3 with a major overhaul. The LR3 earned the Motor Trend SUV of the Year Award in 2005. New inclusions like the redesigned suspension, the Terrain Response system, and the redesigned interior are just the beginning of what you get. This vehicle sports a 5.0 Liter V-8 DOHC engine with direct injection. The engine is Jaguar sourced and offers 375 horsepower. You get 25 percent more power with this motor than what you get from the former 4.4 Liter offering.

2010 Land Rover LR2

MSRP: $35,500 - $35,500 
When the LR2 was planned by the same makers of the Land Rover, consumers were excited. They anticipated a vehicle that was efficient, stylish, trim, and reasonably priced. They hoped for an SUV with brawn, power, and pizzazz. Did consumers get what they were waiting for?Yes, and no. The LR2 has a durable body and it is making headway in the crossover SUV segment. It is sold with all wheel drive and it has an 8.3 inch ground clearance. Its body is engineered out of durable, moncoque steel. 

2010 Jeep Commander

MSRP: $31,575 - $42,830
Invoice: $29,949 - $40,280
MPG: 15 City / 20 Hwy 
The Jeep Commander, the carmaker's biggest vehicle, entered the market in 2005. The commander maintains all the loved Jeep conventions including the rugged, tough, and brawny styling. This vehicle has spectacular off road abilities too. Just as the Patriot is a smaller variant of the Cherokee, the Commander is the larger offering based on the same vehicle.The Commander's platform is none other than the Grand Cherokee.

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

MSRP: $30,710 - $43,325 
Entering the market in the 90s is the Grand Cherokee. This vehicle stands as the first SUVs offered to the general public. The vehicle sported a boxlike body, a bland interior, and it was all about practicality. With the passage of time however, the Grand Cherokee has been massively improved.The vehicle received a number of enhancements. Now the boxlike body is more attractive, and it sports smooth lines and mild curves. This vehicle maintains Jeep's brawny look, but the interior has had some changes too making it user friendly and well designed. The interior has quality materials and it is attractive and comfortable

2010 Jeep Wrangler

MSRP: $22,045 - $32,745
Invoice: $21,431 - $30,818
MPG: 15 City / 19 Hwy
The Jeep Wrangler has been in the market for more than seven decades and it was at first offered only as a military application. The carmaker later made the vehicle available for the public once the troops returned from World War II boasting how wonderful the vehicle was to use.

20 February 2011

2010 Jeep Liberty

MSRP: $23,250 - $28,250
Invoice: $22,598 - $27,278
MPG: 16 City / 22 Hwy
While the Patriot has been based upon the Jeep Cherokee, the Jeep Liberty derives its roots from the Jeep Wrangler. One will find that the Liberty is far more brawny, aggressive, and rugged then the Wrangler however. Proving far more than skin deep, the vehicle's aggressiveness digs well beneath the vehicle's exterior since the Liberty has superior off-road capabilities. The Liberty is heavier, bigger, and its motor is a bit underpowered. The engine is coupled with a four-speed transmission that slightly diminishes off-road fun.The Liberty's exterior is breathtaking, but the interior is absent of some nicer amenities found in other Jeeps. The cabin is an improvement over the Compass or the Patriot, but you get minor leather elements combined with hard, cheap plastic components in the newest Liberty models.The Jeep Liberty is wider and longer than earlier models before it. It has improved handling and driving abilities. It's larger size ensures greater passenger room and improved materials have been instilled inside the cabin. Nevertheless, this vehicle proves somewhat cheap when compared to other Jeeps offered by the carmaker.

2010 Jeep Compass

MSRP: $19,295 - $25,995
Invoice: $18,962 - $25,000
MPG: 23 City / 27 Hwy 
The 2010 Compass is definitely a nice looking ute. The Jeep Compass is not necessarily a coveted offering however because consumers want more from a Jeep than an attractive look. The Compass lacks many of the attributes that consumers crave from a Jeep. It isn't brawny, and while it hosts squared wheel arches and the seven-slot grille of the popular Jeeps, it lacks much in the way of desirable features.The Compass has substandard off roading abilities because it has a four-cylinder motor and a CVT transmission. You can make it more exciting if you go for the five-speed manual transmission, but the "fun element" is still limited. It comes with front-wheel drive configurations As a standard; this is not a typical Jeep vehicle by any means.The inside of the Compass is equal to the exterior in terms of quality. The Liberty, Patriot and the Compass all sport cheap, hard, unattractive plastic elements and bland interiors. If you want a well-mannered vehicle with a good fuel economy, you get that much out of the Compass and not much more.